• Advanced Precision Increases Capacity

    For over 27 years, our Design, Development, and Manufacturing team has worked with the largest names in the medical industry to create the technology of tomorrow.  Using a host of advanced technology, ranging from CAD, to 3D printers, to multi-axis machining centers, we can take any idea from concept to reality.

    We are attuned to the needs of every project, and work diligently to fulfill any issues that arise.  Whether working with a simple hand drawn idea or the exact specifications of a CAD file, our team can transform your product into a 3D printed object in as little as 24 hours, allowing the inventor to make adjustments, modifications, or simply begin building capital for manufacturing purposes.

    New Expansion 

    Advanced Precision is proud to announce the expansion of both our Milling and Turning Departments!  Over the course of the last 6 months, API has seen an increase in large OEM clients, creating a noticeable need for an expansion of both the milling and turning centers.  In mid May, we placed an order for new machines for each department, and they are currently being installed, an expansion projected to increase our overall capacity by over 25%, creating shorter lead times, and increased shop capacity.

    New Personnel

    In the second quarter of 2014, Advanced Precision added several new members to our team.  With these additions, we have greatly increased our around the clock staff.  We expect capacity and output to continue increasing over the next few months as everyone becomes better acclimated to their new tasks and surroundings.

    Our additions included an increase in personnel for our turning, milling, design, development, prototypes, and marketing departments.

    Future Endeavors

    As we have continued our expansion into the medical implant and instrument industry, we have recognized a need for additional Swiss Screw machining capabilities.  In order to fulfill the growing needs of our customers, as of July 2014, we have begun planning the acquisition of this type of machinery, and we are aiming to have a dedicated department to handle your screw machining needs soon.

    With the addition of a Swiss Screw Machining, Advanced Precision will be able to produce wide varieties and large quantities of medical usage bone screws, pins, metal or plastic fittings, threaded and smooth cannulated rods, plus many other small machined parts in production quantity.
    If you or someone you know needs a well balanced, focused, and proven team to help produce their ideas, give us a call.

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