• TEDMED 2014

    September 2014 - Advanced Precision had the unique opportunity to attend the annual TEDMED conference in Washington, DC last week. In our first experience at this prestigious conference, we enjoyed three days in the company of leading international medical professionals, listening to innovators express their ideas, inventions, and personal accomplishments, while observing the future of the medical field unfold before our eyes.

    This conference was not only a first for API, but for the first time in its 16-year history, TEDMED 2014 hosted conferences on both US coasts, simultaneously. So, while we enjoyed our time in Washington, an additional 1,200 medical professionals from around the world enjoyed the same environment and presentations seamlessly in San Francisco, CA.

    As common for all TED-affiliated presentations, TEDMED 2014 did not disappoint in any aspect. The event location, The JFK Center for the Performing Arts; the collection of medical start-ups in “the HIVE”, and the topics for this year’s event showed just how seriously the TEDMED curators take their job.

    Above all else, the collection of presenters for this event had a palpable passion for their topics.  Each speaker brought to the stage their own experiences and inventions, while moving the audience to consider that which lies beyond their own existence. Each orator provided a portal into their own history, all of which affected their drives to develop real-world solutions for perceived medical and personal shortcomings, recognized through their own experiences. (For a full list of speakers and their biographies, here: http://www.tedmed.com/event/stage2014)

    TEDMED exceeded every expectation we had, and we cannot express enough how much we enjoyed our time in Washington, DC last week.  We look forward to continuing our involvement in this great event, and deeply suggest that anyone and everyone in the medical and healthcare field check out everything TEDMED has to offer through both their website, and their YouTube channel; http://www.youtube.com/user/tedmed.

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