• API Expanding Capabilities and Capacity

    We are at it again! As you may remember, our August blog post promised further expansion towards the end of this year, and we are proud to announce that we have fulfilled that promise!

    Introducing the latest addition to our ever-growing facility, a Star CNC Swiss-Type Screw Machine; a machine that will allow us to produce wide varieties and large quantities of medical usage bone screws, pins, metal or plastic fittings, threaded and smooth cannulated rods, plus many other small machined parts in production quantity. Late this summer, we began meeting with dealers to find the perfect machine for our needs, and placed an order in September. We recently took delivery of our much-anticipated machine and our crew is working hard to have it installed and running by the end of the month.

    Throughout this year, we saw an increase in OEM and hospital cliental, creating a noticeable necessity for expansion in the shop. To satisfy these growing needs, and expand our company’s service offerings, we felt investment in the Swiss-Type screw Machine would be the most beneficial for our clients and API as a whole. With this addition, we are projecting a growth in capacity of over 20%, creating shorter lead times and an increase in our output abilities.

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